& Other Stories Jewellery Haul

During my recent trip to London and Paris (see Paris post here) I discovered a great store called & Other Stories.  As I was travelling, I only picked up some gorgeous pieces of jewellery, but I could have been tempted by the shoes and bags and some great clothes (and some great beauty items).  I feel this is a store that I will always visit when I am in London (or Paris).  There is only one store in the UK at the moment which is on Regent Street, but you can buy online here and there is a sale on at the moment.

& Other Stories is a brand under the H&M group, but whereas H&M tends towards the casual, & Other Stories leans more toward stylish & chic.

Here's what I bought (I will give the prices in GBP and EUR as some were bought in London and some in Paris - the Paris store is on Rue Saint-Honore which is not far from the Place de la Concorde at the bottom of the Champs Elysee).
& Other Stories silver and gold coloured ring
This silver and gold coloured ring was GBP12 (EUR15) and you can buy it here.
& Other Stories gold and black coloured bracelet
This lovely gold and black coloured bracelet cost GBP7 (EUR9) and you can buy it here.
& Other Stories little silver coloured earrings
These dinky little silver coloured earrings only cost GBP5 (EUR7) and I bought the same in gold below.  You can buy them here.
& Other Stories little gold coloured earrings

& Other Stories silver coloured stud earrings
These silver coloured stud earrings cost GBP5 (EUR7).  You can buy them here.
& Other Stories bronze/copper cube earrings
These great bronze/copper cube earrings only cost GBP5 (EUR7) and you can buy them here.
& Other Stories jade coloured earrings
I love these jade coloured earrings which cost GBP12 (EUR15).  These do not appear to be in stock online, but you can buy the gold coloured ones here.
& Other Stories gold coloured ring
This gold coloured ring was GBP7 (EUR9).  I  love the wavy shape on the outside of the ring.  You can buy this here.
& Other Stories silver coloured ring
This silver coloured ring was GBP10 (EUR12) and you can buy it here.

I love all my purchases and I am tempted to buy some more things in the sale.  Have you ever shopped at & Other Stories?

I bought these with my own money and none of the links are referrals or sponsored.


  1. I love all of this jewellery, I love this post!


  2. Wow, I love these finds! I've been wanting some new jewelry too, but for some reason I'm always less inclined to by jewelry than clothing or beauty products. I particularly love the jade-colored earrings :)


  3. Hi Cat and Laura Thanx for your comments. I just can't stop buying jewellery at the moment, there is so much great stuff around and its inexpensive :)

  4. Lovely jewelry. Very beautiful :)


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