Need For Speed Film Review

I went to the cinema this week and decided to go and see Need for Speed. I had seen the trailer and thought it looked pretty similar to Fast and Furious which is a franchise I really enjoy. I wasn't in a rush to see it as it didn't have anyone in the film that I was familiar with, but I actually ended up seeing it when it was on preview as I changed my plans at the last minute after work. 

I wasn't expecting much as its about street racing in really expensive cars which is not something I'm generally interested in. I was surprised though as I ended up really enjoying it.  Its got the expensive cars and racing for the boys and a romantic storyline for the girls.  I really enjoyed both sides of the story. 

The storyline is based on a computer game, which I have to admit I'm not familiar with, but don't let that put you off if like me you aren't into computer games. The storyline centres around Toby Marshall who is a great driver but doesn't have the financial backing to race the really great cars. Due to something happening in a race he takes part in, he gets arrested and put in prison for a crime he didn't commit. The film doesn't focus on when he's in prison but when he comes out of prison, it focuses on his need for revenge. 

This is where the story really gets interesting. He has to travel from New York to California in 45 hours to take part in a race where the winner takes all the cars competing in it which are worth millions. It is also his chance to take revenge on the person whose fault it was he went to prison. In order to get there on time he has to drive really fast across country with an unwelcome passenger in tow. This is where the romance kicks in although its quite low key and it doesn't take away from the main story but compliments it nicely. 

I wont spoil the ending but it is a fast and furious one and kept me glued to my seat all the way through. I would definitely recommend this film. Its a great storyline, with great characters and overall a really enjoyable film. I can't recommend this enough and its a good one to take your boyfriend/hubby to. I forgot to mention that the main character is played by Aaron Paul, so if you are a fan of him from Breaking Bad (I'm embarrassed to say I haven't watched this yet) its another good reason to see this film. He really makes this film and is great as Toby Marshall who you really want to see come out on top for once in his life.

Stay for the credits at the end of the film as there is a funny clip included.

Have you seen this movie yet?  What did you think?



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