Holiday Wish List - Duty Free

I am going on holiday later this year, so I thought I would do a wish list of the things that I want to pick up at the airport. 
I definitely want to pick up a new perfume at the airport to take advantage of the duty free prices.  I really want another Chanel perfume and the one at the top of my list at the moment is Chanel Coco Noir.  I also want to pick up a few Mac items as the duty free price seems pretty similar to the US price.  I want to buy an eyeshadow called Sumptuous Olive (a gorgeous golden olive colour) and a lipstick called Plumful which is a lovely medium pink colour.  I also want to try the Mac Face & Body foundation, so if I can find a suitable match for my skintone then I will pick some up.

I think I will also pick up a Chanel eyeshadow (Illusion D'Ombre Epatant) and some nail polish (Taboo or Bel-Argus).

I will do a haul post after I have been on holiday.  It will be interesting to compare my wish list with my actual purchases.



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