Etsy - More Purchases from Small Businesses - Headbands & Diffusers

Since my last post about my purchases from small businesses on Esty (here), I have made a couple more purchases (I had forgotten how much I love to shop).   I am currently planning my outfit for my sisters wedding later in the year (hopefully it will happen this time as it's the 3rd time she's rearranged the date in the last year).  I am trying to decide how to wear my hair as I don't really wear it down very often as it's curly and I worry about getting the frizzes. I thought I would try a headband to at least keep it out of my face so I don't keep touching it and making it frizzy (I worry it's frizzy so I touch it to check if it's frizzy and low and behold because I keep touching it to check, it gets frizzy).  Anyway I decided to buy a couple of headbands with faux gemstones which I thought were really pretty.

Etsy - More Purchases from Small Businesses - Headbands & Diffusers
I bought the Fluorite chipped gemstone headband for £8.50 and the Blue electroplated glass bead headband for £8 (plus £1.75 postage) and I love them both.  I bought them from DecorebyHannah.  They came nicely packaged and I even got a discount code for 10% off my next purchase which is a nice touch.

Etsy - More Purchases from Small Businesses - Headbands & Diffusers
The other items I bought were the Luxury Perfume Inspired Hanging Diffusers in the scents Black Orchid with a purple finish and Neroli Blossom with a red finish (the finish is the flower pendant on the little bottles).  They cost £5 each with £3.30 postage.  I bought these from SimplyScentedDevon.  They smell lovely and will look great hung on my car mirror.

I couldn't be happier with my purchases from these 2 small businesses.  I would definitely recommend checking out their stores and checking out Etsy in general (although it is probably only me that has only just started buying off this site).

Let me know of any small businesses you recommend checking out? 



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