Skinny Whip Snack Bars & Mini Update on my Diet

So I am doing that predictable thing of dieting in the New Year (see my first post here).  I am not a dieter as like most people I like my food too much but I think with lockdown and the fact that a lot of restaurants are closed or only doing takeaways it is probably as good a time as any to do it as there isn't as much temptation.  Anyway so far it's going ok (I'm only 2 weeks in) and I have lost another 2lbs (I didn't exercise as much last week as I should have done) taking me to a total of 7lbs lost so far which I am really pleased about.  
Skinny Whip Snack Bars
One of the things that has helped me a lot is the Skinny Whip Snack Bars that you can get in B&M and Home Bargains.  As I mentioned in my last post I have a sweet tooth and love my chocolate.  I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I was worried that I would struggle to give it up while I was on the diet.  These snack bars are a game changer for me.  They taste as good as any chocolate bar and I have found that I don't miss chocolate at all (I know this is chocolate but you know what I mean).  These bars are 99p for a pack of 5 and are less the 99 calories per bar.  If you want you can have 3 snacks a day on the Slim Fast diet.

There are 5 flavours (that I have come across) Double Chocolate, Toffee and Chocolate, Strawberry and Chocolate, Mint and Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Orange.  All of them taste great and I really don't feel like I am eating a low calorie snack bar.  They are small bars at 25 grams each but they pack a chocolatey punch.  I can't recommend them enough for anyone that is trying to cut down their calories but still wants a chocolate fix.  Honestly I think I would carry on getting these bars even when I stop dieting.

Is there any sweet treats you can recommend for anyone on a diet?  Let me know.

Week 2

7 Pounds lost in total

Started Week 3 of Couch to 5k (I didn't do much exercise this week)

Completed Day 13 of Yoga with Adriene



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