I'm Back

Wow when I took a break from my blog last year I didn't think it would be for this long, but life happened and a month long break stretched out and before you know it, it was 2020 and Covid-19 happened.  Very weird times and getting back into blogging just got put on the back burner while trying to adjust to the new world we are all living in.  

Anyway with all the restrictions in place the time off has given me time to reflect and maybe reset things a bit.  I realised that over the last few years I have been spending without really needing to buy a lot of these things. I ended up with so many things that I don't need and will never use, that end up getting sold on eBay or donated to charity (or even worse thrown away because they have expired).   I have always wanted to pare back on things, but always get my head turned by new shiny things that catch my eye.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not on a no-spend, but I want to buy less and really think about the things I do buy - do I really need them, are they a company that has good ethics, is it good for the environment and so on.  I wont always be perfect but I'm going to try.  At the same time instead of material things I want to save my money for experiences as down the line I don't think I will look back and think I'm glad I bought that lipstick or handbag.  

So making a short story longer than it needs to be, although my blog name is Beauty, Bargains and Beyond I'm hoping to focus more on the Beyond part of it.  I still love beauty (even though I have to admit I've always been better at buying it then applying it) and there's no doubt I love a good bargain (I have got into charity shopping in a big way over the last year) and my blog will still include these things, but it will also include plenty of other things as well.

So stick around lets see where things go.  And as a homage to my very first Blog post.

Anyone out there?  Anyone reading?



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