A Few of My Favourite Things in May

Wow I cannot believe May is nearly over, this year is going so fast.  Anyway here are some of my favourite things in May.
Hugh Jackman The Man The Music The Show concert at Manchester Arena was absolutely fabulous and the highlight was seeing Keala Settle sing This is Me live, she was brilliant and the song really should have won the Oscar for Best Song.  Hugh was a great showman and kept us entertained all night and really played to the crowd.  The tickets were expensive, but it was definitely worth it to see a Hollywood Star in person.

Federal Café in Manchester has great food.  Its a small café with a couple of locations in Manchester city centre and serves the best French Toast I have ever had.  Check them out here.

I love this time of year as it means I have an excuse to get my fix of Thorntons Ice Cream. I love to get a 2 scoop cone for £3.50.  You get plenty of flavours to choose from and generously sized scoops of ice cream.  My favourite flavours include toffee & fudge and salted caramel shortcake. The ice cream is rich and creamy and delicious and I am keeping my fingers crossed for more sunny days.

I seem to have found an excuse to go to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts a few times in May and my favourite doughnut is Lotus Caramelised Biscoff.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

I went to see the live action Disney film of Aladdin in May and really enjoyed it.  I must admit I can usually take or leave Disney films but I really enjoyed this film and totally recommend going to see it. The 3 lead actors were so good in this movie.

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