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If like me you like to eat out a lot then this card could be a good option for you as you can get 2 for 1 or 50% off meals at a large number of restaurants.  I have had a card for a few years now and it has helped save me money each time I visit restaurants that accept the card and enabled me to visit them more often.  The yearly fee is £79.99 but I have never paid that much.  When renewal comes around they always offer a discount so I think most years I have paid between £30-40 for the card.  You can also sign up for a 60 day trial for £1 and if you want to renew at the end of the 60 days it currently costs £39.99 for the year.  More details of the prices are located at  

I use it at the following restaurants:

Pizza Express
The card is really easy to use here. You don't have to book in advance (although it does say to book on the tastecard site but I haven't had any problems before), you just need to let them know you want to use the card before you order (I usually ask when I'm being taken to my table). You can't use it on Fridays and Saturdays or Bank Holidays but it can be used any other day at any time. Your tastecard entitles you to an exclusive 2 for 1 offer across all Starters, Mains, Desserts and Dolcetti. I thought this was a great offer and it saves a decent amount of money especially if you are getting 3 courses (which I generally do here).

La Tasca
Again the card was easy to use. You don't have to book in advance, you just need to let them know you want to use the card before you order. You can't use it on  Fridays or Saturdays or Bank Holidays but it can be used any other day, at any time. The 2 for 1 discount is off the Tapas to Share Menu only. I really like La Tasca it has a great range of food to try and you can share the dishes with the people you are eating with,  so you can get to try more of the food there.

You need to make a telephone or online booking in advance in order to receive your discount. I tend to go on quieter days at around 6 so it doesn't seem busy enough to have to book, but as it's in the T&Cs it's best to book so that you can definitely use your card. It can't be used on Fridays and Saturdays. This exclusive offer to tastecard members of 2 for 1 is across all courses ordered (starters, mains and desserts).

There are plenty of other places to use the card such as Ask, Frankie & Benny's, and Giraffe, so its worth checking to see if your favourite restaurants are on there.  I found it really easy to use the card at the restaurants above and I saved a decent amount of money (I wish I'd bothered to keep the receipts to total it up but I forgot).  I would say that I save around £15-20 each meal out (for 2) so easily get my annual fee back in 1 month as I eat out once a week most of the time.  Even if I was just using it once a month it is still worth having the card.  

Please remember to check out what the terms and conditions are to use the card at each individual restaurant as they can vary.  

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