White Glo Advanced Teeth Whitening System Review

I was sent some White Glo products to try out recently which was great as I have always been on the look out for teeth whitening products that work.  I usually buy the products and then get bored of using them as they never seem to fit easily into my routine (read into that that I'm lazy and I forget).  Anyway I was interested to try them out.
White Glo Advanced Teeth Whitening System Review
Professional Teeth Whitening System White Glow Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System*
This set comes with the whitening treatment and the tray and a daily maintenance White Glow Professional Choice toothpaste.  It's very simple to use, you apply the whitening treatment (which is a gel) to both sides of the tray (for your upper and lower teeth or you can just choose to do one or the other).  Pop the tray in your mouth (there are indicators on the tray so you know which way up to put it).  You then leave it in for 5-15 minutes (I usually leave it in for the full 15).  You can do this every day for 1 week and then a further week if you want to see further improvements.  You do need to rest for 1 week after that and it recommends you use it for 1-2 weeks and then have a week off.  You can also replace your normal toothpaste with the Professional Choice toothpaste and use that 2-3 times daily.  All in all I found this very easy to use and to incorporate into my routine.  I generally use it on an evening when I'm watching tv or using my laptop.  It has a minty flavour which is nice and it didn't make my teeth sensitive at all which I'm always concerned about when using whitening products.  
White Glo Advanced Teeth Whitening System Review
White Glo Bright Nights Dissolving Whitening Films*
There are 6 in a pack and they are a way to instantly whiten your smile.  You just place the film on your teeth and  it will dissolve and be absorbed by your teeth enamel for an instantly whiter smile.  I think this is a great idea for when you just want to add that extra sparkle to your teeth.  You just moisten the surface of your teeth by running your tongue over them and then the film adheres to the moisture.   I must admit the first time I used one I just put the strip straight onto my teeth and it felt like every bit of moisture disappeared from my mouth so make sure you run your tongue over your teeth first.  It doesn't seem to take long for the film to dissolve and you don't get loads of the product left in your mouth.  It has a minty taste so there is no unpleasant taste when you are using it.
White Glo Bright Nights
All in all I did like using these products.  In the past I have found that I didn't use products like these for very long or missed days here and there, but I found these products quick and easy to use.  I didn't come away with a Hollywood bright white smile (which is kind of freaky anyway) but I do think there was an improvement from using these products.

You can read more about White Glo company and their products here.  The products are available at your usual high street stores and are very reasonably priced.  Professional Teeth Whitening System White Glow Diamond Series Advanced Teeth Whitening System* is currently half price at Boots for £7.50.   White Glo Bright Nights Dissolving Whitening Films are £4.99 at Superdrug.

*I was sent these products to review, but the opinions are my own.


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