Declutter Part 3 - Foundations & CC Creams

I am continuing on with my decluttering journey at a slow old pace (see my last post here).  The next category that I am dealing with is foundations & CC creams.  First of all I will admit that this is a small category and will be very easy to get though as I only have 4 products to try out.  I very rarely wear foundation as I prefer the lighter touch of bb creams.  I always struggle to find a foundation that makes my skin look better not worse.  In fact the only foundation that I have ever tried out and liked is YSL Touche Eclat Le Teinte Foundation and for some reason I don't even have that in my collection right now.  Anyway I went through my stash of products and found the following 4 products that I need try out and see if they work for me.
Decluttering My Foundations & CC Creams
The things I am looking for in a foundation is:
  1. Easy to apply
  2. Makes my skin look better not worse
  3. Doesn't sink in to fine lines around my eyes and pores on my cheeks
  4. Doesn't cling to dry patches and make them look worse
First of all I tried out a couple of foundations from The Ordinary.  This is a great budget range and the foundations cost less than £6.  I have loads of The Ordinary skincare products, so thought I would give the foundations a try.  I picked up 4 foundations, 2 Serum Foundations and 2 Coverage Foundations as I didn't know which shade would suit.  The shade 1.2 was too light so I got rid of those straight away and was left with the 2.0 N (Light Medium Neutral).  In the end these were a little dark and yellow toned for me, but I still wanted to try them out to see if it was worth buying some more shades.  

The Serum Foundation is a lightweight serum formula, that is very runny and claims to give a natural coverage that softens undesirable hues and visibly reduces imperfections,  Whilst I agree that this gives a very light coverage, it did not soften or reduce any imperfections.  In fact it made my skin look drier, my pores look bigger, it settled in the fine lines around my eyes and made me look like I had dry patches of skin all over my face.  I did use a primer underneath when I tried it out, but it didn't do anything for my skin at all.  I would say this is not for someone with dry skin like me and I will definitely be decluttering this one from my collection.

Next I tried the Coverage Foundation which is a high coverage formula.  It is rich and creamy and claims to soften undesirable hues.  I found this much easier to apply and it didn't leave me looking like I had dry patches all over my face like the Serum Foundation did.  Unfortunately it didn't cover the blemishes on my face and it did sink into pores and fine lines (I did try a different primer out with this).  Overall, it just did not enhance my skin on any level.

In the end I just did not get along with The Ordinary Foundations, they did not work on my skin.  On the plus side the foundations do both contain SPF15.  The brand as a whole is cruelty free (and they do not sell in mainland China) and their products do not contain parabens, sulphates and a whole other range of nasties which they list here.

On to the IT Cosmetics CC* cream in the shade medium.  Unfortunately, this is another shade that is not right for me,  it's too dark and yellow toned for me.  That being said I still wanted to try it out as I wondered if it was worthwhile buying a lighter shade.  This product claims to be a full coverage foundation, brightening colour corrector, hydrating anti-ageing serum, pore minimising primer, dark spot corrector and moisturising day cream (wow a lot to live up to).  I am not gonna lie, this did not do anything for my skin at all.  It left it looking dry and patchy and was in no way a full coverage foundation.  Far from minimising my pores, it left them looking much worse than normal.  It did everything in it's power to make my skin look terrible.  This is definitely being decluttered from my collection.  

Well so far that's 3 out of 3 products that didn't work for me.  Finally, I tried out the Cover FX Custom Drops in the shade P30.  Phew, the colour is exactly right for my skin tone so that's a good start.  I like the fact that you add this product to any skin care product such as moisturiser, primer, oil etc.  I tried it a few different ways and everyway looked good.  I prefer to add 1 or 2 drops for light coverage, but it did work well as a full coverage foundation as well.  I think this will be so easy to use as it's just a case of adding it to my moisturiser, so in the end this is the winner, in terms of shade, ease of application and making my skin look better than it did before.

Have you tried any of these foundations?  If not, which is your current favourite foundation?


I bought these products with my own money


  1. The amount of foundations I've thrown out because the shade was wrong is shocking! I rarely try new ones these days as I guess I've found what works for me :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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