Bare Feet By Margaret Dabbs

I recently bought some products from the Bare Feet By Margaret Dabbs range from Marks and Spencer.  I bought the Refreshing Foot Powder Spray, the Cooling Foot Spray and the Nourishing Cracked Heel Balm.
Bare Feet By Margaret Dabbs
The Cooling Foot Spray has antibacterial properties and helps to cool and sooth your feet.  Perfect for these hot summer days that we have been having in the UK.  This product is really refreshing and cooling and leaves my feet feeling revitalised which is much appreciated after a long, hot day.  This product costs £9.50 for 100ml.

The Refreshing Foot Powder Spray has antibacterial properties and like the Cooling Foot Spray contains ginger extract and manuka honey which helps to absorb moisture from your feet.  It also helps to eliminate foot odour and reduce sweat.  This product is £7 for 100ml.

Finally, the Nourishing Cracked Heel Balm helps to moisturise and soften heels.  My heels are in terrible condition at the moment as I made the mistake of wearing new shoes when I went shopping and so I ended up with massive blisters.  This product has really helped to soften the dry skin where the blisters have started to heal.  This product is £9.50 for 80ml.

Margaret Dabbs is a leading podiatrist who has collaborated with Marks & Spencer to create this foot care range.

I have really enjoyed using this range, it's perfect for the heatwave we have been having here in the UK.  The prices are really reasonable as well.  You can find the full range in Marks and Spencer stores and online here

I bought these products with my own money


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