Project Use It Up 2017

I started Project Use It Up towards the end of 2015 (you can read my final post about it here).  Basically, I picked 10 products that I was determined to finish in 2016.  I try and choose products that take an age to finish, or I have had for ages, so that I make more of an effort to use them daily.  Here are the products that I have chosen for 2017:

  1. Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Gold - I love this colour, but because I have hooded eyelids, I don't usually wear eye liner (although I own loads of them - go figure!)
  2. Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Lotion - 30ml - I bought this in a box set during the Christmas sales a couple of years ago and have never used it.  I will mix this in with my moisturiser or foundation for a dewy glow.
  3. Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly - 30ml - Another product that I bought when it was on offer and never opened.
  4. Essie Mirror Metallics Polish in Nothing Else Matters - I love metallic polishes as they are so easy to apply and dry really quickly.  I really love this metallic lavender colour so I will make an effort to use this polish more often.
  5. Laugh a Lot MAC Lipstick - I managed to break this lipstick on one of the first times that I used it, so I would love to finish it off.
  6. Another nail polish, this time a Glitter one OPI Excuse Moi! -  I'm quite lazy and don't often put glitter nail polish on my finger nails as it's such a pain to remove, but I do like wearing glitter on my toe nails, so this is the one I will make more of an effort to use.
  7. Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss - Not sure what this one is called, but it is a lovely glittery deep pink colour.  I have had this one for a while and it's a gorgeous colour, so I want to use it more often.
  8. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen - I picked this up in TK Maxx for a bargain price, and it's sitting in my bathroom unloved, so this one has to go on the list.
  9. Honest Beauty Magic Balm - I really like this product, so it shouldn't be hard to finish off.
  10. EOS Lip Balm - I have quite a few lip balms on the go right now, but this is the one I am aiming to use up first.
Well that's my list of 10 and hopefully it won't take me the full year to use them all up like it did last year.  Let me know if you have a list of products that you are trying to use up this year.


I bought these products with my own money


  1. I haven't tried any of these products. I'm also trying to use all of my old makeup. Mainly because I need to buy new ones. hehe

    Antonia Sweet Passions

  2. Yeah that's why I am trying to use up all my makeup so I can go out and buy more!! I love trying new stuff out, but I hate wasting all the products that I already have.


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