Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

I had heard about Mario Badescu Skin Care products, but I had never bought anything from the range.   When I had the opportunity to visit an Ulta store in the US (you can read about my Ulta Haul here), I thought that I would buy some products from the Mario Badescu range.  I did not have any plans as to what I wanted to buy, I decided to check out the range in store and see what caught my eye.

In the end, I mostly bought products to sort out a problem with my skin while I was on holiday.  I had gone to one of Disney’s swimming parks (Typhoon Lagoon) and managed to forget to reapply sun cream during my visit.  Whilst I didn’t end up with a red face, the lower half of my face became very dry and started peeling which wasn’t an attractive look.  I didn’t take any moisturiser with me for sensitive skin and the oils and serums and creams that I did take with me made my very sensitive skin sting and go bright red.  In the end I picked up 2 products from Mario Badescu that I thought would help with my sensitive skin and 1 product that just intrigued me.

Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater – this was just a very nice cooling spray that I could spray on my skin regularly when it was looking dry and feeling tight.  This cooled my skin right down, was very gentle and kept my skin hydrated.  It only cost $7 for 118ml which was a bargain (The cheapest I have found it online is £5.95 in the UK).  This product is cruelty free and paraben free.

Keratoplast Cream Soap – this is an oil-free cream cleanser for dry, sensitive skin.  As with moisturisers, all the cleansers that I had brought with me on holiday were a bit too much for my sensitive skin.  Again this cleanser felt very gentle and cooling and made my skin feel less tight and dry.  This cost $12  for 177ml (Cheapest in the UK was £10.50).  This product is not tested on animals.

Both these products really helped my skin go back to normal within a few days of using them.  Take my advice, keep applying sunscreen when you are swimming as my skin really did look and feel awful for a few days.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder

The final product was Silver Powder which I have to admit just sounds weird so I had to buy it.  This product is supposed to immediately diminish blackheads, unclog pores, absorb oil and tighten pores in the t-zone area.  I suffer from blackheads on my nose, so I thought this would definitely be worth a try.  It contains calcium carbonate, kaolin and zinc oxide, so it's really just a mud mask in powder form.  You dip a water dampened cotton wool ball in the powder and press onto nose, chin or other areas where the pores are clogged and remove with a toner after 10 minutes.  It's a little messy due to the powder, but I like the results as my pores looked less noticeable as the impurities have been drawn out of the pores.  This costs $12 for 28g (Cheapest in the UK was £10.25).

Mario Badescu products are available online (Beauty Bay) and instore and online at places like Harvey Nichols and Liberty  (the prices are cheaper in the US as expected).  I haven't left links to any of the sites as the prices were somewhat different on each site, so it's best to do a price check online for the various products to get the best deal.

One other thing to mention is the packaging which is quite plain and almost medicinal.  I like it as there is no need for fancy packaging for products like this and if they work, then I would rather be spending my money on the actual product rather than over the top packaging.

Overall I am very happy with the products that I purchased and will definitely be trying out more in the future.

I bought these products with my own money


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