Maybelline Dr. Rescue SOS Nail Balm Review

Maybelline Dr. Rescue SOS Nail Balm is one of those products that makes taking care of your nails and cuticles so easy.  It's a balm that is packaged similar to a lipstick, so you just wind it up as you need it.   I can keep it in my drawer at work, which gives me no excuse not to use it on a daily basis, or I can pop it into my bag and apply it on the go.  I received the Maybelline Dr. Rescue SOS Balm Nail & Cuticle Care from a British Beauty Blogger Latest in Beauty box and it's one of those products that I now can't live without.
Maybelline Dr. Rescue SOS Nail Balm Review
I just run it around the edge of my nails and cuticles and then massage it in and it keeps my nails and cuticles from drying out.  It’s a pale blue balm that has a very light fragrance fragrance and it's quite soft, so it is quick and easy to apply.   It costs £3.99 from Boots or other retailers.
Maybelline Dr. Rescue SOS Nail Balm Review


I bought this with my own money as part of a beauty box.


  1. What company do you buy your beauty box from? I can not seem to find a great subscription company. Thank you for reviewing this product. I am buying it this week.

  2. I currently subscribe to Birchbox and You Beauty and also buy ad hoc ones from Latest in Beauty. Caroline Hirons curates a more expensive beauty box a couple of times a year with Cult Beauty that is worth looking out for.
    Hope that helps


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