This week I have..........................

  1. Started reading the 2nd fifty shades book (Fifty Shades Darker).  I managed to pick up all 3 at a charity shop for a bargain price and whilst I admit to not loving the first book, after watching the film (which I did like), it made me want to pick up the other books in the series.  I am liking the 2nd book so far, so will try and finish it soon.
  2. Watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E at the cinema.  This was an enjoyable movie and the 2 lead actors were very funny and had great chemistry.  I never watched the original TV show, but I do hope that they make more films.
  3. Started thinking about a plan for my next holiday in Los Angeles later in the year.  I need to work out what things need to be booked in advance and when I am just going to wing it.  I will also be fitting in a couple of days in Las Vegas so I can't wait.  Any tips of what to do while I am out there will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Started decluttering.  So far I have started on my DVD and CD collection. I really only want to keep my absolute favourite songs and movies. Everything else I know I can watch or listen to online if I ever feel the need.  So far I have cleared out 11 CDs and 18 DVDs which is a good start. No picture here as there are some embarrassingly awful DVDs and CDs in my collection.
  5. Set myself a target of cooking something from 3 different recipe books - The Hairy Dieters, Deliciously Ella and I Quit Sugar.
  6. Watched November Man on Netflix.  I highly recommend this action film starring Pierce Brosnan as a retired government assassin, fighting for his life against his former protege (Luke Bracey).
What have you been up to this week?


  1. Hi Leighlee,
    I take it from your DVD decluttering you are working on the KonMari method because you bought her book a while back. How is it going? I'm also a Konvert and have taken sacks full of stuff to the charity shop - items that no longer bring me joy!

  2. Yes you are exactly right I am decluttering because of KonMari. Sadly I am not getting very far as I feel obliged to watch every DVD before getting rid of it, which is not really in the spirit of KinMarie I know.


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