Feel Good Non Alcoholic Cocktails

It looks like the weather is gonna be pretty nice around these parts this weekend, so out comes the BBQ.  Well we have to make the most of any good weather that we get over here in the good old UK. I don't drink much alcohol during the day, so I am always looking around for new non alcoholic drinks to try out and I found some great ones at Asda recently.
Feel Good Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Feel Good Non Alcoholic Cocktails come in 4 varieties and they all taste great. They are a great alternative to alcohol and my usual Coke & Pepsi.  The 3 flavours I have tried so far are Mojito, Peach Bellini & Strawberry Daiquiris and they are all refreshing, but not too sweet.  They all contain fruit, water and no added sugars and are gently sparkling.  They also do a Buck Fizz version, but I haven't tried that one yet).  

I usually stock up when they are 2 for £2 at Asda, but they are usually £1.29 each for a 250ml can.  It looks like Tesco sells 750ml bottles for £2.49 as well.


I paid for these with my own money


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