Bra Fitting at Bravissimo

I am a 30plus blogger so I really don't know why I have put off having a bra fitting for so long.  I have suffered many a badly fitting bra in the past so I finally popped into Bravissimo which  is a shop that specialises in underwear in D cup and above. I didn't book an appointment, so had to wait about 5 minutes before a bra fitter was available.  I had picked a style of bra that I liked and also a sports bra to take in to the fitting with me.

The bra fitter came into the changing room with me and told me that they didn't use a tape measure, so she checked the fit of the bra that I was wearing (which fit really well according to her which was great as I had purposely chosen one of my better fitting bras).  First of all she went to find out if they had the styles that I had already picked in my size (the same size as the bra that I was wearing).  When she came back she advised that they didn't have my size in the bra that I had picked, so she brought a similar bra that fitted the same and she could order the other style to be posted out to me free if I chose.  She then asked if I preferred if she left the fitting room while I tried on the bras, so don't worry of you are shy as you don't have to strip off in front of them or anything.

After I tried on the bra and sports bra, she checked the fit of both and they fitted really well, so she went and brought me a selection of other styles to try out.
Bra Fitting at Bravissimo
There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything and once you have been fitted and tried everything on you can take the bras out of the fitting room to make the choice on your own.  I won't lie, the bras are more expensive that say M&S, but they fit so well I bought 2 bras and also a sports bra.  One of the bras I tried on and wanted to purchase had a minor fault on it, so they were happy to order me another one which would be posted out to me for free and I received it in less than a week which was great service.

When you make your purchase you can also opt to join a rewards point scheme and you receive 1 point for every bra you buy and when you reach 10 points you receive your next bra free.

Overall I was really happy with the service and the selection of bras that they sell and I think I will make the effort to have a bra fitted at least once a year to check that I haven't changed size. I was also pretty chuffed that the bra that I wore during my visit was a good fit as I had measured myself previously and did not know if I had done it correctly. It's worth noting that just because I am one size at Bravissimo does not mean that I will be the same size at every other shop as of course sizes can vary between styles and shops.


I bought these with my own money


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