Primark False Nails Haul

I wanted to do a quick post on my Primark false nails haul as I'm loving them. They are only £1.  I repeat £1.  A bargain not to be missed I think. They come in a number of different colours and patterns and for the price they are really good value. I am still on my spending ban so these are ones I picked up a couple of months ago, but I wanted to share them with you especially if you are like me and have rubbish nails and are often too lazy to paint them. I think they are really pretty and can't wait to try them all. I use the self adhesive stickers (you can pick them up at the Pound Shop) but they do come with glue if you prefer to use that. Below is my collection of Primark false nails. My favourite is the one on the bottom left hand photo its a blue gradient nail with glitter on part of the nail.  

All that lot for £6 BARGAIN!!!
What do you think? Have you tried any?
I bought these with my own money


  1. I have the nude ones and the mint green ones! I think they're amazing value for money haha :) I'll have to invest in some more! xx

  2. Hi Sarah
    I nearly picked up a few more packs last week as there were so many new styles to pick from. Sadly I am on a spending ban at the moment :)

  3. i really like these i had some cute sky blue ones with little white clouds on they last pretty well x


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