Primark Reusable Cleansing Pads, Cutlery & Bags plus Instore Recycling Scheme

Primark is one of those stores that is almost impossible to come out of without purchasing anything.  If any store is responsible for fast fashion then Primark is at the top of the list, so I have been trying to cut back on purchases and at least try to buy products that can be reused instead of thrown away.  Here are some of the reusable products that I have bought recently in Primark.

Primark Reuseable Products
I purchased Alex Steinherr makeup Remover Pads which cost £1.50 for 2 and are like a thick flannel material in a round shape which you can use with water to cleanse your face and remove makeup.
Alex Steinherr makeup Remover Pads
The wood cutlery set cost £1.50 and comes with 4 knives, forks and spoons. 
Primark wood cutlery set
I purchased 10 reusable cleansing pads for £2 which are 73% bamboo and 27% cotton and are vegan.  These are a great alternative to face wipes and cotton wool pads and come in a bag that you can keep the used pads in and then throw them straight in the wash.
Primark reuseable cleansing pads
Finally, I purchased a couple of reusable organic cotton shopping bags. The large Disney Mickey & Minnie bag cost £4 and the smaller "not a plastic bag" one cost £1.50.
Primark reuseable organic cotton shopping bags

Primark reuseable organic cotton shopping bags
I also wanted to mention the Primark Instore Recycling Scheme. Primark now has blue donation boxes in every store where you can recycle your unwanted clothes, textiles, shoes and bags (this includes towels and bedsheets which a lot of donation places will not take). The items can also be in any condition so it's great for items that aren't suitable to donate to charity shops. The whole point of this scheme is to prevent old and unwanted items ending up in landfill. Primark have partnered with a recycling specialist called Yellow Octopus that diverts around 1m garments from landfill every month. Yellow Octopus aims for as many donations as possible to be worn again and the remainder will be repurposed into new products.  I have already taken numerous bags of items to recycle already as they weren't in good enough condition to donate to charity, so it's good to know that you can send them to an organisation that will stop them going to landfill. All profits from this scheme are donated to UNICEF.



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