Forever 21 Haul

I have just come home from a week in Paris (blog post to follow shortly) and I stayed a couple of days in London, so have a few haul posts to do.  The first one is Forever 21.  This is one of my favourite shops in America, so I am very happy that it has come to London.  I love their jewellery and the prices are really good, so I picked up a few pieces last week for the grand total of £13.05.  Here's what a bought:

The gold leaf earrings cost £2.00
The cross and stud earrings were £3.15
 The glass cube earrings cost £2.00
 The flower earrings cost £2.00
 The rose gold cross bracelet cost £3.90

I wish they had a store closer to home.

I bought these with my own money


  1. Gorgeous items! Forever 21 actually do really amazing accessories. I didn't pay much attention until i went around with my sister who adores accessories ;p I love the bracelet you've picked esp :) x
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  2. Hi Tiny Tang
    I love the accessories at Forever 21, thats mainly what I buy there as the prices are so reasonable :)

  3. Such a beautiful earnings! xo

  4. beautiful accessories. I hope i can use it. But i have allergy


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