Sunday, 30 June 2013

Chanel Azure

Hi Everyone

I hope you have had a really great weekend.

I thought I would do a quick post on my new nail polish Azure from Chanels Summer 2013 Collection. 

I fell in love with this polish on sight a couple of weeks ago when I was in Manchester for a Robbie Williams concert.  I popped into Boots and swatched all 3 colours from the collection (I did a post on it although I apologise on the quality of the photo as I had to do it quickly in Boots and it didn't really do the polishes justice).  At the time I couldn't really justify £18 no matter how gorgeous the colour was.  Since then I managed to get £18 worth of Boots advantage points so I couldn't resist and just went for it.  It was worth every penny (or advantage points anyway).  There is something so satisfying about having a designer shopping bag in your hands. 
The polish is absolutely gorgeous in the bottle and on my nails.  It is a beautiful Teal colour and I think it will be my number one polish this summer.  It applies to the nails really well although there is a bit of streaking but its not too noticeable, it needed 2 coats for good coverage and drys pretty quickly.   When its worn outside it can either look metallic green as in the bottle or it can look a lovely metallic blue colour.  Either colour is beautiful.    I have added 2 photos below which I hope shows both of the colours.  The left shows the green and the right shows the blue on the bottom 3 nails.

My last words on the subject are that this is the definition of 'Expensive but worth it'.

Has anyone else bought any Chanel polishes recently?


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